What is Title Insurance?

The most common question Hendrich Title Company is asked is, “What is title insurance and why do I need it?”

Unlike other forms of insurance, title insurance protects against what happened in the past. All other insurances protect you from future events. One of the largest investments you will ever make is the purchase of property.

A title search will uncover unpaid taxes, mortgages, easements, judgments and liens of many different types that will affect your interest. Hendrich Title Company, Inc. reports such defects in title so that they can be addressed. Not all defects will be discovered in the public records. Forgeries, similar name confusion and unknown heirs are all types of hidden risks.

Title insurance covers these risks. You pay a one-time premium for a policy that is valid as long as you own the property. Also you will be given discounted premium rates when you refinance or sell.

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