Commercial Closings

Real estate closings are complicated – and commercial real estate closings are even more so. There’s a lot to consider, and when you’re closing on a new business acquisition, you want a qualified professional who understands every aspect of the transaction.

An Experienced Commercial Closing Agent Protects Your Interests

A good commercial closing agent needs a specialized skill set that comes from knowledge and years of experience. The agents of Hendrich Title Company stand ready and able to help you navigate the most complex and demanding commercial real estate transactions. 

And we’ll do it with the courtesy and professionalism that Hendrich Title Company is known for.

Commercial Closing Services


  • We manage the escrow and all transfers of funds and documents, making sure all money goes exactly where it should
  • We disclose all liens, taxes, and fees.
  • We collect all the appropriate deeds and instruments of conveyance that are necessary to complete your closing
  • We oversee the proper execution of documents, including notarization
  • We record the land title instruments to insure your documents are filed properly with the county
We trust Hendrich with all of our property purchases! Their team is thorough in their title research and keeps us up to date on their progress. The office is professional and works to successfully close our houses! Thank you, Hendrich! See you again soon!
Mark and Tiffany Baker

3 Sisters Investments

1031 Exchange Closing Services

The professionals at Hendrich Title Company work with tax advisors, qualified intermediaries, and other professionals in the field of 1031 Exchanges for implementing your tax-free exchange.

We have experience with 1031 Exchange Closings

Hendrich Title Company does not serve as the Qualified Intermediary (“Exchanger”) defined in the U.S. Tax Code and does not offer advice on the suitability of an exchange. We can, however, serve as a 1031 Exchange Closing Agent, and have experience working with Qualified Intermediaries. 

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