Right of Way/Easement Services

Title to some properties includes easements that legally grant other designated people (such as a neighbor) or entities (such as an electric or gas utility) specific types of rights in your property. Many of these have existed in the chain of title throughout the course of many owners.


Rather than be taken by surprise by these situations, it’s best to know about them in advance. Hendrich Title Company’s experienced title professionals will research any easements/rights-of-way that are a part of the title to your property and provide you with details such as the location, size and scope of the easement and how it is to be utilized. Easements also exist that benefit the property. As the owner, you need to be aware of both types of easements.

Usually easements do not cause major problems, but it’s still important to check and be aware of them. Any potential red flags could affect the value of your home.

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