Home Equity and Second Mortgage Searches

Hendrich Title Company's highly trained and professional staff has a multitude of experiences in all aspects of real estate transactions, including refinances and home equity loans. When you refinance your property or obtain a home equity loan or line of credit, even if it’s through your original lender, you are obtaining a new loan. While in this case you may not need to purchase a new title insurance policy, your lender usually requires a new title search to protect its investment in the property.

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It is possible that even on a recently purchased or refinanced home, problems could arise with the title. For instance, you might have incurred a mechanics lien from a contractor who claims he/she has not been paid, or you might have a judgment placed on your house due to unpaid taxes, homeowner dues or child support.

Hendrich Title Company performs these title searches on a regular basis, providing your lender with the assurance that the title to the property it is financing is clear.

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